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Chocolate Teddies Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of high quality chocolates.The company operates with four verticals - Gifting (Personal,Wedding & Corporate) ,FMCG( Chocolates,Toffees & Candies),Export (Bar Chocolates,Truffles,Almond spread & Granola Bars) and Private Labeling of various chocolates and confectionery products.
Photo Chocolates,Lollipops,Custom wrapped/tagged Chocolates,Couverture chocolates,Bean to bar Chocolates,Semi sugar chocolates,Natural Chocolates,Chocolate Almond spread,Assorted Chocolate Gift boxes.
Personalized wrapper and boxes for individual & Corporate.
Why Us?
Our happy clients are the proof of the chocolates we deliver.
We don’t compromise on quality and that’s our guarantee.
Cherish your taste buds with our large mouth watering collection.
Variety and variation have no end to try new flavours everyday.
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